Conner Gorry Writer • Journalist • Community Builder


Curious about Cuba? Wondering about extraordinary (salacious or fallacious) facts you’ve heard about the island? Looking for an accomplished, well-connected writer for your publication? You’ve come to the right place. 

Born and raised in New York, I first came to Cuba in 1993 (during the very Special Period, as we say here)  while finishing a Master’s degree in political science. In 2002, I moved to Havana permanently  where I am an accredited journalist and freelance writer covering the Cuban health system, current events, the reform process, travel and tourism, and anything else that piques my interest – from dubious  fashion and biotech to fidelity and the Harley biker scene. In August 2013, I founded Cuba Libro, the only English language bookstore/coffee house on the island, and a pioneer in ethically and socially responsible business practices.

Please feel free to get in touch, but have a bit of patience: one of the many challenges of living in Cuba is our very slow dial-up internet access.